The Midweek Assessment

I had a surprising amount of food leftover from last week, so much so that I don’t really need to cook this week. Maybe some sides could be good to break up the monotony of single dish eating. Like hot and sour cucumbers. But first, I need to get cucumbers.

Right before my Chinatown shopping trip, I realized that I had to reserve $10 for a Friday night get together at a bar with former coworkers. A pretty big chunk of cash for one night, it may not have been an option on a leaner week. Luckily, I didn’t spend it on bouge coffee. This leaves about $6 for cucumbers, bananas, and hopefully eggs. For $3.95, I got it all, including an impulse buy of asparagus. I heart Chinatown!

There are so many ways to make hot and sour cucumbers, essentially Asian pickles. I do a lazy version with just rice vinegar, red rooster pepper sauce and sesame oil (no chopping, only pouring), but I thought I’d try Ken Hom’s recipe in Asian Vegetarian Feast which uses fresh chili and garlic, both of which were on hand.

Hot and Sour Cucumbers

-mince 1 clove garlic
-thinly slice 3 Thai peppers
-in a lidded jar or plastic container large enough to hold the pickles with room, mix 1/4 cup cider vinegar, 1T sugar, and 1T salt, until dissolved
-add garlic and peppers, place lid on and shake
-peel, seed, and chop 1 cucumber
-add to vinegar mix and shake
-let sit for a few hours for flavors to meld, shaking occassionally


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