No Bouge Coffee

I finally ran out of my favorite Gorilla coffee, and the harsh reality is that I can’t afford to buy more at the $12 price tag. Technically, I can as I’ve only spent about $6 so far (oatmeal, crackers, lettuce), but there is still the rest of this week’s food to buy. It would be irresponsible to splurge when there is world of choices.

Stiles, home of the $4.99/pound coffee, was closed when I got there. As I left pondering, Chock Full ‘O Nuts vs. Hills Bros. vs. Bustela, it occurred to me that Porto Rico has good, modestly priced coffee. Sure enough, for $3.25, I got a half pound of organic Nicaraguan coffee on sale. I don’t love it as much as Gorilla, but it’s worth it.


One Response to “No Bouge Coffee”

  1. Amy Says:

    Bustelo is the best of the canned coffees, but I’ve always found Medaglia d’Oro to be OK in a pinch — flavor isn’t bad, and price isn’t extortionary.

    If it doesn’t smell like burning tires, it ain’t good coffee.

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