The Path to Pathmark

At the end of week 2, I had $6.59 in my pocket, enough to splurge on a Thai beef salad. Following a recipe on Temple of Thai, I needed a pound of steak and Thai peppers. For $1 in Chinatown, I got five times the requisite amount of 10 peppers. The hunt for inexpensive steak led me to Pathmark. Their eye round steak was $3.07. With the Club Card, it came down to $2.79. Call me a card carrying member now, it also afforded me a pack of Rainbow Chips Deluxe for $1.88. All within the budget, with 94 cents to spare.

The Thai beef salad was on point with flavor, even though I forgot the shallots, but the steak was horrible. I have shoes that are more tender than this piece of meat. I don’t completely blame Pathmark as eye of round may not have been the best cut of meat to use. Probably better for stews or braising, whose slow cooking and extra liquid would make the collagen in the meat more tender. Definitely not a match with the George Foreman grill, which never gets hot enough for good char, making most meats just sort of done and dry. Having learned this lesson, next time’s salad, should be perfect.

One Response to “The Path to Pathmark”

  1. Norris Hall Says:

    try this for Thai cooking
    It’s got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along. Free too

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