Go East!

What I learned on the first week of the piety diet-y is that $25 doesn’t go far at where I usually like to shop, the farmer’s market and Whole Foods. Sadly, it costs more to eat responsibly. I have to stretch my dollar further and shop in the least expensive and most un-PC place that I know of in NYC, Chinatown. For my Chinatown shopping spree, my goal was to buy food for the week and pick up a few things for dinner at a friend’s, all within a $1 perimeter. My purchases from Hong Kong Supermarket were as follows:

-chicken boullion cubes $1.19
-firm tofu $.99
-pork and cabbage buns $2.25
-can of straw mushrooms $.99
-won ton noodles $1.79
-shrimp chips $1.39
-can of tuna $.89
-Hellman’s mayonnaise $1.89

The Hong Kong Supermarket is a major score for $11.38. I could have gone cheaper with a generic mayonnaise, but I didn’t want to chance it since cheap mayo can taste too chemically. The possibilities this week are Vietnamese rice noodle salad, Thai green curry, Thai beef salad (if I can budget for the beef), tofu stir fry and ramen.

On the street, I picked up some vegetables for curry – a yam, a carrot, and a potato – at $1.90. I question whether the produce is actually cheaper, not to mention its less than PC origins. I’ll do PC or cheap, not un-PC and costly.

My last purchase was eight mini custard filled cakes outside of Quickly, the bubble tea place, for $2. Steaming off the tray, they were hard to resist. A perfect little item to bring over for dinner.

At the end of week 1, I had $1.04 left. Instead of rolling it over this week, I’m squirreling it away to save up for my bouge coffee, which is an upcoming purchase this month. At $11 a pop, it would eat up most of my budget for any given week. Every penny counts at the Church of Cheap.

Hong Kong Supermarket, 68 Elizabeth Street at Hester Street

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