Gazpacho and Tzatziki

It’s always a race against the clock when there’s fresh produce in The Littlest Kitchen. Top on the expiration list are the tomatoes. I couldn’t resist them yesterday at the farmer’s market – $4.75 for nine ruby red, perfectly ripe tomatoes. But now, I have to deal with them efficiently and swiftly.

For $4.70, I was able to expand my repetoire to gazpacho and tzatziki. A good thing since a friend stopped by in time for dinner, and there was more than enough to go around.

Having done my gazpacho research, I wanted a recipe that would require a minimum of ingredients – tomatoes, cucumber, bread – stuff that I already had. No tomato juice, Worcestshire sauce, or cilantro. That left out recipes from Whole Foods, the laborious Alice Waters, and Martha Stewart. I finally settled on a recipe from Epicurious, the only glitch being it needed 2T of sherry. It’ll have to do without, as I don’t think they sell airplane bottles of sherry, which is all I could afford at this point. Luckily, my tomatoes were candy sweet enough that I didn’t need the booze.

Creamy tzatziki balanced the tangy gazpacho, while being just as garlick-y. Originally, I was craving tzatziki to go with the tabbouleh, but it’s good pretty much anytime. Especially with good company.


-strain 1 cup plain full fat yogurt in a paper towel lined strainer for 1 hour
-in the meantime, peel, seed and shred 1 small cucumber; strain separately for the same amount of time as yogurt
-mince 1 garlic clove
-when ready, combine yogurt, cucumber, garlic, salt and pepper


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