Bangkok on Moscow

Tucked in the barely block-long Mosco Street is the Bangkok Center Grocery, a little bit of Thailand in the middle of Chinatown. Neatly packed and well curated with Thai goods from a rainbow of curry pastes and exotic sauces to fresh Thai basils and sticky rice desserts, it’s an inspiration for Thai cooks of all levels, including mine, rudimentary. I was able to find the otherwise hard to find roasted rice powder for Thai beef salad, along with the more common rice noodle sticks, but these were cut into shorter more manageable segments than the usual endless tangle. Part of the seduction of the store is the packaging, as I bought fish sauce and white pepper just for how they looked – the fish sauce has an illustration of a baby brandishing an even larger bottle of fish sauce like a bazooka, and the white pepper comes in a long skinny tin with a thumbs up drawn on it. I give Bangkok Center Grocery two thumbs up. Bangkok Center Grocery, 104 Mosco Street, between Mott and Mulberry Streets, 212-732-8916.

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