A Revelation

The worst thing about the renovation has been not having a kitchen sink. The fridges were a smooth transition, I did alright without a stove and oven, but the sink is the lynchpin to the entire operation. Water to drink, water to cook, water to clean, all in a space big enough to maneuver. The bathroom sink came up short. I couldn’t fit a dinner plate in the bathroom sink, let alone a cutting board, hence a lack of enthusiasm to cook. Now with my sink fully operational, it’s a brand new day, I’m in love again.

The cooktop has also been put in and it looks great. Boiling water for my coffee is a pleasure compared to the two cup microwave hustle. I swear it tastes better too.

My problem is the stove. Unbeknownst to me, it has to be hardwired into an outlet. As in there is no plug on the oven, only loose wires that have to be hooked up to the loose wires in an outlet box. For heaven’s sake, it’s an Ikea oven! Isn’t Ikea synonymous to simple? I’m flummoxed. I tried to do the right thing by getting an electric oven instead of gas, because of the gas code, and it’s more trouble and more aggravating than I could possibly imagine. I had the kitchen rewired because of this stupid oven! F**k code, is anything in New York City up to code?

Enough of my tantrum, I have to address my problem. The solution is to either hardwire the oven, or get a plug put on it. If it has to be hardwired, the cooktop will have to be plugged in elsewhere, like the microwave cabinet. Quel drag, at least I don’t need the oven right now, especially in the middle of summer, like I need my sink.


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