Pain in my Backsplash

My architect thinks that the marble guys can and should redo the backsplash. I really hope that they can because it sort of sucks. He thinks that the gap is due to the little shelves being too wide, not that the walls were uneven, which I concur. The backsplash doesn’t even hit the wall, how can they make the excuse that it’s uneven? If this redo can be done, it pushes back the appliance installation, which was supposed to be on Monday. Not a big deal considering that I’ve waited how long?

One thing that does concern me is if removing the current backsplash will ruin the oven side of the broom closet, as it is conspicuously glued to the little marble shelf. Seeing how “careful” they were with the install, I can only imagine how “delicate” the removal will be. We will see on Monday, when they get back from vacation.


One Response to “Pain in my Backsplash”

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