Fridge/Freezer Post-Mortem

For the most part, I am happy with my undercounter fridge and freezer decision. I like how substantial the combo looks. I don’t mind bending to get into them. The smaller amount of space keeps me aware of what I have in there. I LOVE all my counter space. But I am not afraid to be critical. The Summit undercounter freezer is annoyingly loud. It clicks and whirrs at a high pitch. I thought that the marble would tamp down the noise, but no. Both units run hot from the vented fronts and the top of the backs. The interior fittings are a bit flimsy, including the joke of an egg tray. Overall, the units are okay. I could recommend them if the kitchen was isolated in a far away wing, but in 400 square feet and no walls, I can’t.

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