Those Devilish Details

I’m in the home stretch, all that’s left to be done is the installation of the cooktop/stove and the sink, which will happen next week. That, along with a million other tiny, niggly details that bug me – filling the backsplash, filling the holes from the old shelf above the stove, repainting (again) from where the wall has been scuffed or not completely covering the cement, filling in some black grout, resanding where the the black grout covers the wood floor, stripping those damned cabinet doors, getting the intercom fixed, addressing the lighting, framing art work, ad nauseum. While The Littlest Kitchen is riddled with flaws, I’m not sweating the small stuff right now. For months, I’ve been pushing to finish things in order to move on to the next task, like lining up a stack of dominos. Now I’m at a point where my work doesn’t stand in anyone’s way. Sure, it would be nice to have the backsplash filled before the faucet gets put in, but it’s not like it can’t be put in because of it. I’m not going to pressure myself, or delay anyone else, the details will get done sooner or later. It’s time to enjoy The Littlest Kitchen, and the summer.

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