Oh my marble!

Amazingly, my marble guys were able to finish my marble before the Fourth of July holiday. I love it, the perfect medium between the functional stark white cabinets and my kookier vintage aesthetic, like the old cabinet whose doors are not yet finished. There is a tremendous amount of counter space, and I’m in love with my little shelves.

But I can’t help but feel that it was a little rushed, as there are imperfections. The peninsula has the slightest overhang, not the end of the world. The backsplash is borderline bad – I can squeeze my fingers into the space where it doesn’t meet the wall. They told me that the wall is crooked, so it could never be flush, and should be filled in with plaster or joint compound. The seam for the L counter doesn’t match as well as I had hoped. They chipped my broom closet!

Now, I understand that four guys in The Littlest Kitchen are anxious to start their holiday, but I think the installation was compromised. Lesson learned – never get anything installed before a holiday.

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