In My Drawers

Having non-standard sized drawers, I wanted to maximize my space by “customizing” them with drawer dividers. These DIY devices from The Container Store are not as easy as schlamping a tray in a drawer and calling it a day. This requires measuring the space to determine where to put the adhesive “holders”, marking the location of the “holders”, sticking on the “holders”, measuring the length of where the “dividers” go, marking it out on the “divider”, scoring the “divider”, snapping the “divider to its desired length, and finally inserting the “divider” into the “holders”. Tedious. The first time around, it took me almost a half an hour, trying to be exact and gentle. By the last one, it took a few minutes. All that effort, and $15 later, I have organized drawers!

The “dividers” are made of polystyrene, which is oddly brittle on the outside, but soft-ish on the inside, like a frozen Charleston Chew. On the Lifestyle Systems website, I find that they’re available in clear acrylic, drats!

I’m able to unpack all of my silverware and organize the utensils by size. Everything has a home. Except if I got that juicer squeezer…


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