Dynamic Duo

I don’t think I ever explained why I have a fridge and freezer of equal size. The friend who inspired me has a 2:3 proportion of fridge to freezer by having undercounter fridge/freezer drawers and a separate undercounter fridge (“big enough to hold a turkey”). A beautiful set and a well thought out plan, but I simply didn’t have the budget. My more modestly priced set and skewed proportion, gives me my well needed counterspace, but traditionally less fridge space and more freezer space.

I like having a big freezer. In trying to maintain my girlish figure, I actually don’t eat that much, so freezing food is a good solution for when I cook. The freezer is where I store coffee, chipotle peppers, bacon, stock, parmesan rinds, etc. It’s where the composting scraps go. Right now, there’s only ice cream, ice cubes, and coffee, but when I get cooking, it will be empty no more.


2 Responses to “Dynamic Duo”

  1. sumsion.com Says:

    Could you tell me what that brand is? I’m looking for something like that! Thanks!

    • thelittlestkitchen Says:

      Hi – I got Summit undercounter fridge and freezer. I’ve had them for six years and there are some caveats:

      -they are a little on the loud side
      -they run hot, which may explain why they are loud – because of the fan
      -the freezer is great, but requires manual defrosting
      -the fridge is uneven with warmer and near freezing spots

      Hope this helps!

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