Muji Shopping Spree

In setting up the new fridge, I wanted to get trays to hold the jars of condiments. Clear acrylic trays, plain and simple. My old roommate, an organizational Olympian, had set up our fridge like this and it’s so much easier to grab a tray than swim through bottles of stuff. It also catches any sticky gunk, which is easier to clean than a shelf. Persnickety, yes, but ever so purposeful.

The Container Store, that mecca of clear acrylic, didn’t quite have what I was looking for. They had lidded boxes, divided trays, and footed trays, not what I wanted. Maybe, across the street at Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Nope. And then it hit me, Muji, the temple of minimal functional design.

I found the right trays at Muji, albeit in white propylene. Smooth and semi-translucent with rounded corners, it wasn’t originally what I envisioned. It may actually be better because the white reflects and lets in light; and the rounded corners are easier to clean. And they’re only $2.99.

I also got a bar of sliding hooks for the broom closet. A tricky endeavor since I had only 4″ of depth to work with. Most hooks, including the groovy Grook, are 4 1/2 – 5″ in depth. These sliding hooks from Muji were just right. A little Mickey Mouse material-wise with its lightweight aluminium bar, plastic hooks, and double stick tape backing, but it is the most viable option. It’ll have to be screwed in to support the weight of the broom, the mop, cleaning rags, etc.

I indulged in a few more purchases – a silicone coated spatula and a salad spinner. Mundane purchases, but I have to cheer their design. The spatula is totally coated in silicone, so there are no junctions for gunk to get stuck, like my old spatula.

The salad spinner is in a pitcher, and small in scale. I’ve been thinking about the mini OXO salad spinner, but then I notice that the pitcher has measurements – a double purpose in The Littlest Kitchen – I’ll take it.

There will be a lot more organizational do-dads to purchase. I’ll definitely be back to Muji. And The Container Store and the NEW Ikea. But Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I’m just not that into you.


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