For the most part, phase two – cabinet installation – is done. A few more tweaks to the broom closet, the kicks, and final appliance installation will come after phase three – marble installation.

I had met with the marble guy back in March, who drew up an estimate from the plans. Now that the cabinets were in, I had him come back to take measurements, examine the space, and revise his estimate on Friday. There really was no change, he said, if anything it’s supposed to be a little more, but for me, he’d keep the price the same. I looked at 1 1/4″ carrara slabs on Saturday, I wanted a piece that was more veiny than spotty. I pointed to a particularly veiny specimen, but it was “statuario”, traditionally used for statues, and of course, more expensive. After conveying this sentiment, he showed me this righteously veiny carrara.

The template guy will come over on Tuesday. I can see the trace on the slab on Wednesday or Thursday. The shop is closed the week of July 7th, so they’ll try to get it done before the Fourth, otherwise it’ll have to wait until mid-July. What’s another few weeks?


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