Hello! and Good Riddance!

I can’t believe that I finally have the appliances that I bought over three months ago. I’d almost forgotten what they looked like or even my reason for buying them. I thought that when they arrived, I’d be able to plug them in and throw in my food. But haven’t I learned that nothing is that easy with this kitchen?

First, it starts with the old fridge. For $25, I had AM Royal take the loathsome fridge away. I hate that thing. But, before they arrived, I had to defrost nine months of tundra. Microwaving bowls of water and using a blow dryer, I tried anything to make the ice melt faster. It took hours. I managed to throw some stuff out – old butter, eggs, condiments that I never really liked, etc. – but not as much as I thought I would. Much had already been taken out with the composting on Saturday. After the purge, I was left with more condiments and a lot of cheese.

Like a kid a Christmas, when the boxes arrived, I went at it. I cut open the fridge box, pulled out the styrofoam, and tried to wedge it under the peninsula. It was less than 1/8″ too high. And like a kid, at that moment I lost interest. My cabinetmaker was coming by later to finesse the plugs, he’ll figure out how to make it fit. Which he did perfectly. The freezer will go in after the fridge gets plugged in.

I couldn’t put my food in the new fridge because all new fridges should stand upright for 24 hours before they get plugged in. This is because if it was stored in the warehouse on its side, it allows for the compressor lubricant to drain. I had no idea. I think I’ll be throwing more food away…

Finally, the doors have been put onto the un-broom closet. I love it. And the broom likes it in there too.


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