Maximum Capacity

On Friday, my cabinetmaker had temporarily put up the peninsula to make sure that everything was going to fit correctly. The bookcase, the doors, and the oven were still in the living room. The refrigerator was in the kitchen. The couch was coming the following day. I was maxed out, and the appliances are coming on Tuesday.

Before the couch arrived on Saturday, my cabinet maker came over to disassemble the peninsula and to talk about the 2″ issue. The peninsula stuck out a little more because the legs were 2″ thick. Lose the width of the leg for a little more space in the hallway, or lose symmetry? I had e-mailed my architect on Friday night, and he pointed out that the intended width of the legs on the kitchen side is supposed to be 1″, to correspond to the width of the subtop. Exactly how the plan specified. All fixable. My cabinet maker would make the adjustments on Monday and re-install.

The bookcases in the hallway would go up next. It couldn’t have worked out better with the couch delivery because it wouldn’t have fit with the bookcases in place. I’m incredibly pleased with my couch as I had ordered it based on seeing it in another color. The sapphire blue is radiant and looks great against the aqua pura walls. Too bad the rest of the apartment is a wreck!


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