The HD Experience

Despite the seemingly helpful advice from the HD guys in Manhattan, I just couldn’t bring myself to make a fuss like they suggested. Harassment only ruins another person’s day, which would run someone else’s day, and so on. I cannot take part in creating a cycle of unhappiness.

So, I resign myself to the fact that I’ll lose a little bit of money, and more time, on this dopey $17 strainer, by returning it to Hamilton Avenue. As soon as I walk into the store, I want to flee. There are hordes of people there, more than I’ve ever seen before at this store, moving giant carts of stuff, palette trucks are beeping their out of my way sound. It’s chaos. I’m on edge. And then I realize that all these people are here to buy air conditioners on this record breaking day of heat. I still want out ASAP, so I quickly look for the Kohler Duostrainer – none – and move on to Special Services, the only desk to return special orders. I still had to wait a bit as it is the only desk that processes new credit cards for those AC purchasers, but when I finally got help, it was fast and courteous. She didn’t even charge me a re-stocking fee. The unsqueaky wheel can get the grease. And not all HD experiences have to suck.


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