From Day Two to Day Three

From chaos arises order, at least such has been the case in the last 24 hours. When I got home on Monday, the apartment was nothing like how I left it in the morning. The sink was put in place, the pantry shelves were up, I had a closeout corner, and the microwave cabinet was 1/2″ slimmer. And filled with sawdust. The loathsome polka dot rug in the mid-area was turned up, there was appliance packaging here and there, and the intercom was busted. I embraced the chaos without an attempt to clean up, and did my laundry to add to the melee.

Yesterday, when I got home, it was altogether different. I had posed the packaging question to my cabinet maker – to keep or not to keep – and he set it all aside, also hesitant to dispose of it. I had fronts to the microwave cabinet drawers. I had a hall bookcase, not yet installed. There was a cutout for the oven. And the fridge was pushed back. The intercom was still busted.

Was it really only a week ago that all I had in the kitchen was flooring? Now I have so much to look forward to, and so much to organize. Including the laundry.

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