Reality Check

Day two of cabinet installation is about to begin, and with every leap forward, there’s a baby step backwards. Over the weekend, I had been super-productive – dusted and put the mountains of books back into the re-installed bookcase, returned an extra box of tiles to Hell Depot, removed the blue tape from the vintage cabinet, and generally cleaned up. I would have like to have done my laundry and gone to yoga class, but my laundry and gym clothes were held hostage by the heavy shelves and doors blocking my closet. I was given the okay to put things in the corner carousel and drawer, and the microwave in its new home. I meticulously wiped down every dust covered item, and steam cleaned the microwave. I’m anxious to buy organizers, but will refrain until everything’s in place. I’m on my way to settling in.

Not so fast. A meeting with my cabinet maker this morning revealed some reality adjustments. The microwave cabinet would have to be slimmed down by 1/2″ to allow for the corner of drawers to pass each other. Fine by me, an extra 1/2″ of room. The un-broom closet cannot lie flush to the wall since it’s so uneven. If it’s forced back to be more flush, the doors will not be in alignment with the counter depth. As it is, there is a reveal. A big one. Granted all of my cabinetry has a reveal – that intentional gap from the wall since it can’t lie flush, being an old pre-war apartment. But this is different since it is supposed to abut the peninsula. The other solution is to fill the gap with a piece of matching MDF. A question for the architect, and a small slowdown on progress.


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    […] answer to the question for the architect was…fix it. The intention of the un-broom closet was to lie flush to the wall, not to have a […]

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