The Starlux in Wildwood

It’s not common to find a boutique hotel that has a kitcheonette. But in Wildwood, New Jersey, the do-wop retro chic of The Starlux answers to their family base clientele looking for sun and fun on the beach boardwalk with carefully considered kitcheonettes in their stylized motel rooms. Created in 2001, The Starlux flawlessly blends in with all the other motels from the 50s and 60s, and possibly one ups them with the kitsch of a rentable streamline trailer and the groovy glass enclosed lounge.

The editing of this nostalgic mid-century modern aesthetic comes down to curating colors and lines from contemporary options that best convey when the the Jetsons meet Fonzie. Muted aqua with touches of bright Fiestaware coral immerse you in the era. Sleek lines from the shiny new “stainless” fridge, the bullet-shaped pendant lights and aluminum clad peninsula offer a futuristic, aerodynamic feel. The blond wood barstols and wood panel give a more natural touch ala the Scandinavians. Other fine details such as the oval cut out in the frosted plexi cabinet door, the dancing rhombus geometric wallpaper, and the sink fixtures which look like a remotely look a like a bird about to take flight, add to the look. Even the candy-colored microwave is a stylistic feature.

In the land of funnel cakes and barrel of fries, the kitcheonette offers a chance to dine in. With style, no less.


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