A Return to the Place That Has No Name

When I ordered my sink and strainer from Hell Depot a few months ago, I didn’t realize at the time that it didn’t come with a basket – that thingee that acts as a collar between the hole in the sink and the strainer. It essentially attaches the sink to the drainpipe. After acknowledging my forgetful, er, negligence, my friends have been kind enough to remind me, and I’ve finally had a moment to deal. When we went to fetch the black grout from the DeKalb HD, they were out of stock on the Kohler basket, but suggested going to a another store. I decided to go to the Manhattan store since it is sort of on the way home from work.

In the usual HD daze, I went from floor to floor looking for what I needed – plumbing? basement. Kohler? ground floor. I found the Kohler Duostrainer which has the strainer and the basket, but I only needed the basket. I was told to go to Special Services, where Juan was extremely helpful and kind, but could not find the basket in their catalog. Was I hallucinating the other day? Maybe what I saw was not the right thing after all, or it’s been discontinued? Juan and a plumbing associate suggest getting a generic from the basement. I ask if it’s as substantial as the Kohler. The answer is “no”. I’m stuck. The Duostrainer is what I need, not this strainer which I have.

Since the strainer was a special order from the Hamilton Avenue store, I can only return it there, and they will charge me a restocking fee. I hate that store so much, I briefly consider trying to sell the extra strainer on EBay, rather than go to that place. Juan and his plumbing compatriot gave me a plan of action in dealing with Hamilton Avenue. First, call and complain. Ask for a manager or assistant manager. Tell them that I ordered a sink and wasn’t hooked up with the right parts. Take names. Next, when I go to the store, complain, argue, bitch, they’ll do anything to shut me up. They may not even charge me a restocking fee. I tell them that it’s usually not my style to berate someone into submission, to be the squeaky wheel, will this really work? “Sure, customers do this to us all the time. It works.”

One Response to “A Return to the Place That Has No Name”

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