Ready for Normal

Phase two is supposed to start tomorrow, so I have to get a few things ready for my cabinet maker. The first thing that I’ve requested to have done is to put the dismantled bookcase back in place, so that the mountain of books in my living room have a home and that I can get into one of my closets. During Memorial Day weekend when I re-finished the vintage cabinet, I had put all the dishes, glasses, pots and pans, etc. in this bookcase temporarily, now it was time to clean up the shelves, dust off the pieces, and put them back, no small task for a distance of six feet.

I also attempted to remove the blue painters’ tape from the cabinet which protected the edges during painting, but that started to take up more time than I wanted to give. Practically brain surgery, as it was not an easy lift off because the paint formed a seal over the tape, I had to use an x-acto blade to slice the latex paint, and then tweezers to remove any small bits of tape that was stuck on. Not a good use of my time at the moment, I still had to vacuum, move more crap around, and change the outlet plate. Being normal, being functional, was right around the corner.


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