Mea Culpa

Good friends keep you honest and call you on your bullshit. When your good friend is your architect, there is no escaping forgotten details. In the flurry of this renovation, and the messiness of life in general, I have failed to deal with a few things that we’ve discussed. Like getting a slab of corian on the wall next to the cooktop for resilience and heat resistance. Once my cabinet maker told me that it would probably cost $500, I sort of forgot about it, swept it under the rug. At the same time, I was waffling over the un-broom closet – which said piece would be attached, another spot of denial. Now it’s all coming together and I’m reminded – or prodded, or shamed – to deal with it.

He also wonders why I oiled the old cabinet instead of using beeswax, as he suggested. Honestly, I didn’t know how. My internet searches yielded making your own beeswax by melting a chunk with linseed oil, I really didn’t want to do that. Was Butcher’s Wax an appropriate substitute? Don’t know. So I asked my cabinet maker who knows wood and went with his suggestion. Maybe I can use a wax on top of the oil, I’ll have to find out.

Another friend, who reminded me to get my sink basket – not a terrible hardware store one, but a Kohler – has said that renovations will test you and push you to your limits. This test has unfortunately shown me that I can be negligent when I don’t want to deal. Whether it’s the devil or god in the details, it should be addressed, not ignored. Or they’ll have to answer to my architect.


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