OMG, part 2

I didn’t know what to expect when I got home after midnight last night. Given the complications of the bookcase, I would have bet on an untouched apartment. Such was not the case. The bookcase was moved, pryed off it’s base, which was held together by silicon, not nails. The crevices from yesterday were filled with wiring and cement. And new chasms were made for more BX cable. True, crazy, mad progress.

The biggest shock was having to bust into my coat closet. There’s a deadbolt on there, and they locked it to keep the door closed and dust free. Somehow, I couldn’t unlock it, so I had to unscrew it off in order to get in. Out pours a small avalanche of dust, gravel, plaster, gypsum block, everything that was in the wall, broken through from the other side. Surprise.


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