Taco Salvation

The loser bean salad worked out not so much as a salad, but as a perfect spicy filling to vegetarian tacos.  Slices of avocado for creaminess and radish for crunch, all the flavors complement each other wrapped in an earthy corn tortilla. Not having a stove has made reheating the tortilla a challenge in that aside from being warm, they have to be pliant enough to fold up.  Microwaving turns them into cardboard.  Wrapped in foil in the toaster oven didn’t make them flexible enough.  Neither was wrapping them in a tea towel afterwards to steam it.  Brushing with a little oil made them more like tortilla chips.  Maybe it’s the tortillas.  These fancy handmade tortillas from Urban Rustic have big corn flavor, but are thick and brittle.  Or maybe I just need a stove.

Vegetarian Tacos

-slice 1/4 avocado and 1 radish

-heat a corn tortilla in a pan over medium high for about 4 minutes until warm and pliant

-layer avocado, 2T bean salad, and radish

-fold in half, eat

I love tacos, the combinations are infinite, but I find that it needs 2 or 3 things going on to make it satisfying – a combination of bold flavor, soothing creaminess, and crunchy tart texture.

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