It’s Like Christmas

Except that I am my own Santa Claus.  All these new fancy boxes are presents for me and me alone.  The oven came first this morning via Urban Express.  Then my cabinetmaker made his delivery while I was at work, coming home to more surprises.  So far I’m loving it, as I peek into the doors and drawers.  I’m particularly smitten with my corner carousel, practical and so accessible.  I’m excited as I lay my arms on the top of the counter height cabinet, checking the ergonomics, pretending to cook.

I thought that I’d be living in a cabinet canyon until installation, but there’s an okay amount of room to move.  Certain passageways are narrow (to the right of the table), and some access is completely blocked (the pantry/bookshelves), but it’s not as invasive as I thought it would be.  There is more to come – the bookcases, the un-broom closet, the peninsula – but that won’t fit in the apartment until the rudimentary kitchen work is done.  Whenever that will be.


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