Attack of the Plastic Bags

You are probably looking at these photos, thinking that I must be a crazy hoarder bag lady.  I can’t deny that there isn’t a small grain of truth to this, but the bigger question is why do I have all these bags?  I’m pretty conscientious about bringing my own bag when I shop so that I don’t take one.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable – spontaneous purchases, doggie bags from restaurants, etc. The sad fact of the matter is that this collection of bags mostly came to my front door – over a year’s worth of bags from the New York Times.  Yup, every day, I get one or two bags, free with my paper.  Not that I don’t use them – I bring my lunch, I bring back the empties, and then I dispose of cat litter – a three stage life cycle before it hits the trash.  I also use them for produce in the fridge, to hold shoes when I travel, wet umbrellas, but I still can’t put a bag in the 365+ bags.  So now I have to use another big plastic bag to throw out more bags.  Now that’s crazy. 


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