Oven Accomplished!

For my umpteenth trip to Ikea, I wanted to do swift business – order my oven and leave.  I saw no reason to call upon a car favor for this quick trip, so I took the Ikea shuttle from Port Authority as early as reasonably possible for me on a Saturday morning.  Hopefully, I would avoid  standing in line for an hour for a five minute transaction.  A painless half hour ride on the bus, by noon, the store had some intense shoppers but nowhere near the afternoon throng.

I quickly checked out the three versions of the Mumsig oven – white, black, and stainless steel.  The white was surprisingly cute with it’s shiny finish and shorter abbreviated handle, but I was worried that it would be a near miss with the white cabinets, which would defy an “invisible” all white objective.  Black is so not my style, though my architect liked it, it’s too slick, the Drakaar Noir of the ovens.  So silver it would be, just like the DeLonghi, and tying in with all the other appliances.

I barely had to wait in line to order, service was helpful, and oddly enough, the oven was actually in stock at the store, even though I had checked the website (which allows you to see if items are in stock at your local store), and the tag on the display said “oversold”.  Maybe it’s luck for all the heartache I’ve endured with the oven, or I’m getting someone else’s lemon, or these big box stores are rife with misinformation.  I’m going to think positive.  I go downstairs to pay for it, and then arrange for home delivery later this week for an extra $100.  Ruefully, I think if I had only known that it was in stock, I would’ve called in a car favor, but I guess it’s better than wrestling with the box from door to door. 

To top off my feeling of accomplishment, I rewarded myself with lunch in the cafeteria.  I really do love the swedish meatballs, even though they are one step above a salisbury steak TV dinner.  For $5, I love it even more.  Throw in the view of Newark airport to watch the planes depart and land, it’s a unique dining experience.  I also stopped at the Market place for the “Good” muesli, which I’ve grown to really like, and the “Daim” mini chocolate toffees.  Daim they’re Good!


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