Homemade Bahn-Mi

From the disparate elements in my fridge, I had almost all the ingredients for a bahn-mi, one of my favorite sandwiches ever.  A crusty roll, roast beef, cilantro, pickled carrots, hot sauce, and mayonnaise, have been living in the fridge, brought in for different reasons and at different times.  All I needed was pate, and we have a sandwich.  As suspected, a slice of pate from Whole Foods was $3.30, almost the price of a bahn-mi in Chinatown.  But now I can make multiple bahn-mis.


-toast a crusty roll

-slice crosswise and while still hot, slather some pate on one half

-on the other half, spread a schmear of mayonnaise and dashes of hot sauce

-on top of that, add some roast beef, a few sprigs of cilantro, and some pickled carrots

-top with the pate half

Since there are so many flavors going on, it pays to be generous with the ingredients.  I’m sure that other meats can be substituted like slices of roast turkey, something fairly plain to contrast the pate.  Cucumbers could be a good addition or substitute to carrots to provide a refreshing crunch.

Two days after making bean salad, I have to admit, it was kind of a bust.  Maybe it’s the absence of garlic or onions to which it would act as a foil to the more aromatic cilantro and lemon.  Maybe instead of lemon, lime would have been better.  In short, the salad tastes like 7Up.  Since then, I’ve added hot sauce which gives it a piquant spiciness to cover up the uncola taste.


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