A Plan of Action

Nothing’s been done since my electrical epiphany, but I am on a course of improvement.  The book case is only attached to the wall by way of two screws on the top shelf, not difficult, certainly not as hard as the paper towel holder.  It was only a matter of moving all the books and  unscrewing it.  I couldn’t move it because it is so massive, but I am relieved to know that it won’t fall apart like my Ikea Expedit when I tried to move it.

I’ve decided to get the Ikea oven after all.  For $1300 more, I couldn’t really justify DeLonghi being that much better of a brand, a company that specializes in toaster ovens and espresso makers.  And I actually think the Ikea is cuter.  AM Royal was disappointed in my cancellation, but were nice enough to try to find me an alternative, only a GE and a Frigidaire, and they were both unfortunate looking.  

In true Ikea ill-logic, I could order the oven over the phone and it would be delivered in 2-3 weeks; or I can trek to the store, order it there, and have it in 2-3 days.  It all has to do with the delivery warehouse centers.  One would think that it would come from the closest warehouse to delivery point – but that would make too much sense and not waste enough of one’s time.  I know what I’m doing this weekend.

The cabinets are ready, but the kitchen is not.  A majority of the work is supposed to be done today – rewiring and tiling – so installation next week is very possible.  I’ll believe it when I see it. 


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