I Can Dream…

I spent three hours this weekend rearranging my furniture in preparation for the imminent raping, I mean, rewiring of my apartment.  The table moved to the window for a change, the bookshelf/pantry is now in the living room, and a the small lazy susan table that I’ve been using as a desk serves as an intermediary kitchen counter.  It almost makes the kitchen area spacious.  This configuration would allow for a full size fridge, or at least the supermodel of fridges, the Liebherr CS1350 -no ice maker.  The kitchen could afford more room, if the pantry was outside.  And a possible island/counter where the wall is.  I’ve seen other units in my building, on my line, that have renovated as such – 1) the kitchen was extended into the living area along the wall, but the apartment was extended as well, into a combo with the apartment next door, turning my apartment into a kitchen/dining room/office; 2) an island separated the hall from the kitchen, and 3) the coat closet next to the kitchen was knocked out to make it bigger.  Those who know me, know that 3) is not an option.  I may have The Littlest Kitchen, but I also have The Largest Wardrobe.


This dream bubble popped when I expressed this idea to a friend who said, “Ugh, you wouldn’t want your fridge in the middle of your apartment”.  He’s right, and I have a plan, a good plan to follow.

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