The Electric Problem

Maybe not so much of a problem a my own ignorance.  I did not realize that in order to add a new line of electricity that they will have to cut open the wall to lay the lines to the fuse box.  All the way to the fuse box.  The problem is that my fuse box is behind a fixed bookcase.  So fixed, that in order to get to the fuse box, there was a cut out in back, should I need to access it.  Now the whole thing needs to come out, hopefully without being destroyed.  It breaks my heart.

I guess I thought that the electric fairy would magically be able to connect the new circuits.  Not so.  But in order to have enough juice in the kitchen, not one but two lines need to be laid down, especially since my oven needs to be electric, not gas.  I have to be 200% safe with this, and if it means more time effort and money, so be it.

When I got news of this, it was right before I was heading out to see Cai Guo-Qiang at the Guggenheim.  An oddly appropriate exhibit to see in my state of mind, the gunpowder “paintings” and installations eased my pain a bit.  Prevailing in the work was the idea of in destruction there is creation.  Cai’s elaborate pieces whose laborious preparations take enormous time and effort, is gone in seconds, leaving behind a whole new being.  Granted that my kitchen can’t be compared to art, but seeing transformation on such a grand scale, gives me new hope.

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