450 ft. of Ikea

I confess that the past four weekends have not been spent fruitfully working on home improvements, but going on joy trips to Ikea. Most of my needs were addressed in the first round, but how could I resist all the subsequent ventures? I definitely didn’t need anything when we last went, a spontaneous trip after a Newark airport drop off. But, I discovered that I liked their small kitchen set up for a small apartment. A kitchen nook with an island, it manages to squeeze in a full size refrigerator into less than 50 square feet. The island offers up a good amount of counter space, along with a 24″ cooktop and oven and a set of drawers. The sink was a little claustrophobic and small for me, but it still manages to maximize the counter by installing a rail system for a dish drying rack. I didn’t notice until later that the rack is actually nailed into a piece of MDF that hugs the refrigerator, reminding me of my future panel for the un-broom closet, not bothersome at all. A nice layout, but where is all the food and cookware and dishes supposed to be stored? In the floor to ceiling wardrobe cabinets that one barely notices upon entering. Can I move in during renovation?

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