Renewed Cabinet Interest

I had completely lost interest in the “vintage” cabinet for over a month. I had pretty much written it off as my painter’s problem, whenever that time comes. Besides, I weekends were for having fun with my friends. But as two of my friends left for the long haul to LA, it was back to me and my cabinet.

Without the old cabinets in the way, I was able to get a new perspective and position on the gunky undersides. The corner cat was able to sand off some of the edges and flat areas well, but I still needed Rock Miracle for the corners. I used up what little that I had left, realizing that I also need a sharper scraper since my plastic scrapers has been dulled down and mucked up.

The big accomplishment was removing the offending towel holder. With a hammer, two screwdrivers, scissors, pliers and the mantra, “lefty loosey, righty tighty”, I was able to take out the body and one of the screws. Unfortunately, one screw is way stuck in there. I may need the many strength of the opposite sex to get it out, or leave it there.

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