What looks like a disaster is on a slow road to progress. The small notch in the wood floor adjacent to the kitchen has been skimmed off so that the edge is smooth. The BX cable for the extra electrical line is being run to the column where the column has been knocked out to house the line. Assuredly, the box for this separate line has been added. What feels like two steps back is really two steps forward.

There is so much more to be done before the cabinets get installed the week of May 6 – finish the rewiring, patch the holes from the rewiring, seal and cement the floors, tile the floors. My cabinet maker and I decided that the best time to paint would be after his installation and before the marble, since there is no point in painting the walls where the cabinets cover it up.

I think about how much time that I frittered away on the old cabinet, when I should have given more thought to the rewiring. The enormity and necessity of the task didn’t really hit me until the old cabinets went away and I saw what really needed to be done. So much work for so little space!

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