The Un-Broom Broom Closet

Our collective brain power of three Berkeley grads, could not figure out how to make the broom closet more functional than to not keep brooms in it. In my architect’s plan, he had designed the broom closet , essentially a very shallow closet that hugs a column in order to a) liaise between the sink/cooktop counter and the peninsula to create one flush line; b) provide a natural interruption between the counter and peninsula as not to require a mega piece of marble, or a small lame piece, or an even lamer substitute material; and c) hold some more crap.

I’ve had issues with this piece, especially the piece that hugs the wall next to the cooktop, and have asked my architect to reconsider, much to his dismay and resistance. I consulted with my design friends who were former architect students, and we considered other possibilities like a counter height cabinet with shelves above, or hinged drawers like those Ikea shoe shelves, but all the ideas led to problems with a or b. It was agreed that what my architect had planned was the best, on the outside. It’s the interiors that need to be tweaked for maximum usage. So instead of using it to house the brooms and mops, it’ll have adjustable shelves for spices, boxes of aluminum foil and ziploc bags, etc. Not a bad solution.

One Response to “The Un-Broom Broom Closet”

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