Planning the Pantry

I have been procrastinating for over a month, maybe two, in figuring out my pantry/bookshelves. In accordance to the plan and continuation to the rest of the apartment that has been done, there will be a bookcase in the hall that is like the ones that are already there. Same height and construction, but the height of the shelves will be shorter to accommodate shorter books, and shallower for just a tad more space. Basically, I want it to function like the crappy old bookcase that is have there now. So the new bookcases should have similar heights to the elder, and not match the newer side opposite of it.

This will be back to back with the pantry shelves, which are inside the kitchen. The pantry shelves have always been conceived to be like those orderly kitchen shelves aplenty in the Porn-kea catalog – matching jars and bottles, exotic packaged of foodstuff, and repetitive cans – an art director’s dream. These shelves are even more shallow than the bookshelves, wide enough to hold a mason jar, or a box of cereal in a single row. Again, I think the heights can be similar to the crap bookcase, if not a wee shorter if need be when the other variables are taken into account – the outlet, the intercom, the intersecting microwave cabinet. An ideal plan, which hopefully works with my reality.

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