I fully admit that I am a creature of habit. In the morning, I get up, make coffee in the French press, and read the newspaper. Without a kitchen my whole coffee routine is thrown off and I actually have to think about it. Can’t boil water, I heat two mugs of water in the microwave. Each time I want water, I have to walk to the bathroom. After I stir the coffee grounds in the press, I have to walk over to the bathroom to rinse and deposit the spatula that I use to stir my coffee. The dirty dishes sit in the drainer in the tub. When it’s time to take my shower after the newspaper, I have to move the drainer back into the main room. What a pain.

I’ve been dreading washing the dishes in the bathroom. There’s something about food in the bathroom that grosses me out. Maybe it’s literally the expression, “Don’t shit where you eat”. I digress. It wasn’t bad, just a dinky sink and a non-pivoting faucet. Not that I look forward to doing this for a month.


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