It’s Demo Time

After a late night at the office, nothing beats coming home to demolition! With a gaping hole of crumbling rock and cement, the scuzzy stove, and a fine particulate of dust in the air and on every surface, it’s a shock and a revelation. It’s shocking to see a garbage can filed with rubble from a 3′ x 4′ area of floor, and that the damned stove is still here taking up space. It’s a revelation to see how the floor is constructed – 1′ x 1′ stone tile on top of 1 1/2″ solid concrete over rock and gravel. The sink is still there, which I’m sort of happy about since I can still wash my dishes. Although, I do have to put on a pair of clogs to traverse the sea of rubble to get to it. In the time being, the fridge has moved to where the future peninsula will be, getting used to things to come. Progress, at last!


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