Kitchen Envy

Invited to a friends’ apartment for dinner, it was the first time I had seen their kitchen renovation since they finished. The renovation had taken longer than expected which meant a couple of years of a dorm fridge, disposable cutlery, and washing dishes in the bathroom sink. But it was more than worth the wait in the glorious state that it is now. I was green with envy.

In a relatively small footprint of space, it is ostensibly a galley kitchen – wall of stuff on one side, peninsula of stuff on the other. The wall of stuff has the fridge, a double wall oven, and a full length pantry, all seemingly flush and recessed into the wall. The peninsula, the newest and final edition, has the undercounter sink, dishwasher, the cooktop, drawers and cabinets, and a beautiful slab of fine honed marble. All so beautifully executed. While happy for my friends that they had taken their time to get it right, I couldn’t help but feel more insecure than ever, have I been making the right choices for my kitchen?

To get into the nitty gritty, their Elkay sink had well squared corners and good 9″ depth to compensate for a not so large size area, just what I was looking for. The faucet was perfect in simplicity and function without the dummy proof red/blue dots on the Ikea fixtures. Gorgeous cabinetry work in real wood, not MDF or five-ply maple. And that marble. It’s so right.

Once the green-eyed monster subsided, I was able to re-think my reality. Truth is, I can’t compare myself, or my kitchen, to theirs. It’s not the same set of circumstances, space, or budget. I can only make my kitchen as nice and as functional as I can within my own means, which unfortunately, is not that much. The best thing that I can do is to take the time to research and pay attention to detail. And if that means paper plates and plastic forks for a year, so be it.


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