I Think I Like-y

As promised, I received my tiles today. They’re awfully pretty with its variegated blues. And super shiny. Almost too shiny, like a sequin bag. Laid out on the floor, they’re practically blinding compared to the existing matte black. I like my flair, but is it too much with the reflections of the overhead lights? I’m hoping that the cement grout will temper down the shine a bit.

One 10 1/2 square foot box practically covers all the visible floor! I plan to do the whole floor, including under the cabinets and appliances. My friends think that it’s excessive since no one will ever see it unless they rip out the kitchen that I’m about to put in. I feel like it’s the right thing to do.

Once again, I’ll try to get the demo done this Monday. If my super can’t do it, it’s time for that GC.


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