Home Is Where The Hate Is

Home Depot, you vex me again! Realizing that my sink was ready for pick up, I thought that I’d utilize my car favor to the fullest and pick up the tiles at a different store. I called the 23rd Street store, which told me that it’s not in stock, and it would take 10-14 days to get them. The tiles are a special order. I guess Home Despicable is not the the grocery store. Just because I see it, doesn’t mean I can have it when I want it. This totally screws up the demo, there’s no point of doing it until I have the tiles. I should have ordered them last week, but I was in such a fit of blind rage that I couldn’t think rationally.

Knowing that I have to suck it up and just do it, I went to the store on 23rd to order the tiles. My sales person was quick to help, a pleasant surprise. I bite the bullet and pay for delivery seeing that 40 square feet of tile is quite heavy and fragile to carry on the subway. I go home $333.80 poorer.

No less than a half an hour later, when I get out of the subway, there’s a message from Home Deplorable to arrange shipping. It’s the end of the night, so I call in the morning, only to leave a message. No one calls back. I call the next morning and the tiles are ready to be sent. No 10-14 days? Were the ready when I got the message on Monday, the day that I ordered them? Yes, they call when the order’s ready. I should be delighted that I have my tiles earlier rather than later. I’m not. I’m flabbergasted at the inanity of it all. They’ve probably had the tiles in stock all along, but it’s their policy to say 10-14 days instead of actually going out of their way to check. Ridiculous.

Not any more ridiculous than the time it took to pick up the sink. 45 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

What galls me about Home Detestable is the illusion of convenience and abundance. Packed shelves and the variety of merchandise would indicate a pick up and go easiness. Not when you have to special order, wait in lines forever, and deal with lame systems. Nor more Home Dysfunctional for me.


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