Today’s Conundrum


All this time I thought that my cabinet maker would be able to install my appliances with the cabinetry since everything is landing in the same place. He wouldn’t be moving anything major like gas or plumbing. He can and he would, for a small nominal fee. Coincidentally, at the same time, I received an e-mail from my architect emphatically insisting that I get a licensed and insured contractor to do the appliance installation. It’s time to consider a GC, and throw more money at the problem.

I guess I should have researched this earlier, but denial is a strong and convenient crutch. Now how do I find a GC? The best way that I know how – word of mouth. I ask a coworker who has done a gut renovation. I look at Craig’s List. I’d like to consider my super, but he’s MIA for the second day in a row.


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