The High Cost of Cheap

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What started out as a quick trip to the Greatland Target and Home Despicable in Jersey City, turned out to be an all day affair with a detour to Ikea. It’s foolish to think that any trip to Ikea would be quick, even it was just for the Swedish meatballs. So many things to purchase! So many dreams to be had!

I decided to get my kitchen sink fixtures there, especially since I was with my two trusty design consultants. It was agreed that the Holvstad, which I originally wanted, did not live up to the dream with its brushed nickel finish, so we went with the Bagvik instead. At only $89.95, it was well designed, and even substantial, a bargain compared to Kohler and other such brands. But what I saved in dollars, I painfully paid for in precious time. Forty-five minutes spent in line in the kitchen area just to order the single fixture, while everyone before me was planning every detail of their kitchen with a sales person. Another hour through the one way labyrinth of the store to shop. Another ten minutes in line at check out. And finally, another twenty minutes to pick up the fixture from the stock area. Clocking in the traffic to get home, four hours of my time – and that my dear friends’ – is worth more than $90. And we didn’t even make it to the Home Despisable.


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