Ryobi Corner Cat

img_1713.jpg img_1714.jpg

To ease my cabinet woes, I got the Ryobi Corner Cat Sander. It immensely helped to get the last wash of paint off the underside of the cabinet, and somewhat off of the supporting bars. I’ll still have to get another go at it when the old cabinetry is removed next week(!). Much to its detriment, the hard uneven sanding destroyed the coarse layer of sanding in minutes, balding it like Kojak. I’m relatively pleased with my $30 purchase, easy to use with a good handgrip, it beats wrecking my hands with sandpaper alone. I’m not quite sure if the suctioning vacuum bag helps, as the dust seems to land everywhere. I had read that the sandpaper pads were difficult to find, since it has a velcro-like back, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

In other experiments, it smoothed out a clean section of the cabinet beautifully, like butter. This part of the sanding should be a pleasure when I get to it in days to come. I also tried it on the little shelf under the cabinet, which may or may not stay, still covered in layers of paint. It was only so-so, but I think that the sandpaper was well worn at this point. This will require more Rock Miracle, if I decide to keep it.


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