Upon my house guest’s departure, I have actually been able to make some progress. An affirming meeting with my cabinet maker clarified the rear cabinet situation – I can have my microwave in the cabinet and not have to move the plug, which will stay on the outside. A power strip will feed through a hole in the cabinet, the same power strip will probably serve the electricity for the stove and cooktop. In our fine tuning, I started to get claustrophobic over the impending length of the penninsula and how it was starting to choke off more space into the path of the apartment, due to the extra 4″ depth of the broom closet. I quickly got over it when I realized that there was plenty of room around the peninsula due to the extra width of the broom closet. We agreed on a new timetable, so that installation would be by April 18. And he gave me advice on how to handle where the old cabinet meets the just as old peeling paint – chisel it off, put on new joint compound and then repaint the wall.

I feel a new call to action. I have to, since I’ve already arranged to start demo next Monday!


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