A Note to the Architect


Hi – I haven’t abandoned the kitchen to resign myself to a life of take out. Work’s been super busy, so much so that I get to stay for an extra month. And my weekends are dutifully spent slaving over the cabinet. I’ve come to a few decisions and would like to have you input:

– Ideally the purpose of the rear cabinet is to house the ugly microwave, and let’s face it all microwaves are ugly, so buying a new small one won’t necessarily do me any good. I think that your initial measurement of 18″ is probably the best since it also is the same width as the weird indent next to the pillar. The only solution is to move the outlet – one inside for the microwave, and one outside at counter height. Patrick doesn’t think that it would cost much, not more than $100.

– Does the side of the broom closet wrap around the pillar to be adjacent to the stove? Will there be a problem with heat? I’ll stick to two doors for this.

-I’ll probably get this Elkay undermount sink:


I’m not sure that this is the exact sink that I saw in the store, since it was a different price. But the idea is that it’s the exact size of the sink that I have now which I like fine.

-What is your opinion on the placement of the fridge and freezer? I just have to get the correct kind of hinging. Patrick thinks that the fridge should be on the right as not to block the oven.

-I’m on the fence about the tiles. The HD doesn’t have black tiles, only cobalt, which is actually quite nice. Bergen has black, I have to go back and look at it. I remember that you liked both equally?

-I’d like to keep the interior kitchen walls white, like the pod, and not like the geode that you suggested.

-I’m going to get rid of the little shelf above the sink since it won’t line up with the sink. I like having a shelf there maybe the length of the cabinet, any suggestions?

-With the indentation from the pillar in the corner where the sink cabinet is, is it meant to be filled or be zig zag like how it is now? Same with the oven space?

I’m meeting with Jeremy on Wednesday to finalize the plan and schedule, so let me know what you think. Thanks!


PS. Where are you? Hope all is well!


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