Thinking Out of the Cabinet

ed8417e1-3d80-48e7-9861-f82592964b17_400.jpg 315b3fda-0883-4628-84fa-2a6cbfa0481b_400.jpgI’ve come to an impasse with the underside of the cabinet. For all the elbow grease and fumes that I put into the stripping, I’m not seeing results. I’m flummoxed. There has to be a better way.I’m having a problem with getting to the trim/rails and the corners. My glop and scrape technique isn’t working on theses tight spaces since I can’t build enough torque and momentum. Heeding the advice of my cabinetmaker, I got a metal brush from the dreaded Home Depot (1 brush bought=1 hour wasted), which did better than the plastic scraper, but not phenomenally so. I need power.I was about to buy the Ryobi Detail Sander from The Place That Has No Name, but of course, it’s out of stock. Thinking that I was going to buy it online, I did some more sleuthing, and even thought it got four out of five good reviews on, it was slammed everywhere else on the internet. I think I’ll go with the Power Cat instead.

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