A Second Opinion


Living in The Littlest Kitchen can sometimes feel like a vacuum, existing on its own with minimal input. Aside from my architect extraordinaire, I wanted to get a second opinion from another aesthetic tastemaking friend with an architecture background, about some decisions that were going to veer from my architect’s.

His concern, like mine, was access to electrical plugs. He thinks that they should just be moved, ideally one inside the cabinet for the microwave, and one outside at countertop level for other appliances. It really shouldn’t cost more than $100. He agrees that the cabinet should be smaller than the current fridge depth, but if the goal is to put my microwave inside, maybe consider a smaller microwave, since mine at 16″ may be a little too wide.

In regards to the broom closet outlets, it didn’t make sense to him to have the outlet and light switch covered by a cabinet. Either did having four doors instead of two, as he didn’t have issue with warping.

I asked him about the placement of the fridge, and he thinks that the fridge should be on the right, so that it it doesn’t block access to the oven, in case I need to access both at the same time. He says that there’s enough clearance not to block entry into the kitchen, so I shouldn’t worry about that.

Finally, since he was over, I put him to work to see if he could take out the paper towel holder. He tried with all his might, acknowledging the struggle since with its upside down placement, one can’t get the right amount of torque. The nail heads were stripped and stuck in there. I tried to destroy it with a hammer, but only flakes of paint came off. Stubborn bugger, I might be stuck with it!

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